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If your mother was missing, how far would you go to save her?

Rain Wilson, a teenage girl from a slow farming town is raised by her doting father. The pain of being abandoned at 8 years old by her mother keeps her longing to find something she feels is missing. After a mystery unravels at her doorstep regarding her mother's whereabouts, Rain learns the truth about her parent's past. She embarks on a journey to find her mother amidst the lies and deceit but encounters a roadblock almost too scary to fight against. How far is Rain really willing to go to find her mother?


She will soon learn...

Some secrets can save a life.










Girl Soldier by T.R. Horne
Girl Soldier Cover Image
Girl Soldier

Bottomless is a poetry book that explores the depths of love through the eyes of a young girl transforming into a woman whilst navigating the modern dating scene. The book follows a running narrative of love, heartache, sex, hope and the yearn for the unobtainable.